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‘The Vic Of It’ – The Many Types Of Footy Tippers

When I first started at my 9-5 office job mid 2021 I quickly established myself as the footy chick. And I don’t mean this in a “pick me” look at me I’m a girl that likes sport way but rather a please talk to me about your every little thought to do with the season way. This meant as soon as I settled in a little bit and realised that there was no tipping comp across the office, I had to run one. Last year I managed to get 16 of us on board for a season long tipping competition and now of course I’m doing the same for 2023. 

If running a tipping comp has taught me anything, it’s that every single tipping comp has to have these types of tippers. 

1. The Loyal One

This one is guaranteed. I have never been involved in a comp that didn’t have someone who just could not, for the life of them, tip against the team they support. It’s always at their own demise too because for some reason these people always seem to go for teams that don’t exactly win a lot…

2. The Clueless One

You get those people who don’t actually know anything but everyone else is involved so they want to too. These people are the most fun because they won’t throw a tantrum if their team loses in a golden point heart break and they definitely don’t brag when they get a perfect round because they know it was a fluke. Sometimes they pick on limited knowledge like “Penrith win a lot” or they pick based on who’s jersey they like more. You even get those ones that take it way too literally when determining their selections. “Well a Shark would definitely kill a Rooster.” Despite all of this, they always seem to do well.

3. The Late One

As someone who runs a tipping comp these ones almost grind my gears the most. Doesn’t matter how many times you warn everyone, you’ll still end up chasing The Late One for their tips right before kick off on Thursday night. Every week you say you won’t message them but there you are time and time again sending that “hey mate, who you got this week?” message. When will they learn?

4. The Last Minute One

Potentially controversial but these ones are more annoying than The Late One. They’re always technically on time so you can’t actually get mad at them but they’re always late enough that you can’t send out the tips with time to spare before kick off. It’s like they’ve set a reminder because they’re at least organised to do that but not organised enough to just send them earlier.

5. The Serious One

Full disclaimer: I am this one. The one that takes a fun for all, small jackpot office tipping comp so seriously that dropping to 3rd place during the origin slump caused tremendous rage. They study probability, wait until the final day to submit in case there are any late changes to line ups (but not too late to be annoying) and weigh up just how risky that Newcastle tip really is. We may take it too seriously but I am the reigning champ so…

6. The Safe One

They only pick the favourites or the home teams because there’s no way they’re gonna risk going with the Wests Tigers even if it means they’d get a perfect round. They never win the comp because they never go for the risk and because deep down they really just aren’t good at tipping

7. The “Gunner”

They are a very close relative to The Safe One. They always swear to God they were “gunna” pick that underdog that managed an upset but their track record really proves otherwise. They talk a big game despite always bottling it when it truly matters – they’re Parramatta. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.

8. The One That Joined For Fun But Gave Up After The 3rd Round

Oh well, at least they paid.

Which tipper are you?



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