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The Quickest Commentator’s Curse In History

The great old “Commentator’s Curse”.

Whether it’s backing a kicker in from the sideline only to see them shank it sideways, or watching a player knock on after saying they have had a perfect game, we all know it can and will strike at anytime.

This one from the enemy of the 15 a side game is a classic.

While this one from Mark Nicholls is legendary.

But this one from Dan Ginnane in the Roosters v Sea Eagles match might take the title for the fastest time for the curse to hit.

Less than a second as he finishes the sentence stating that the game had gone through “injury-free”, it’s like a lightning bolt from the footy gods striking down Morgan Harper in free space.

We wish Harper all the best and hope it’s not to bad of an injury, but we’ll help you track down Dan if it’s worse than it looked.

– Uncle Roasty



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