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Some Random Live Rugby League

Ok so I was up late last night doing some editing and listening to some tunes, when I stumbled across a beautiful sight.

Rugby League.

Now sure, I can go to Youtube or and watch as much rugby league as want.

But this was live Rugby League at 10pm at night.

Malta, Turkey, Czech Republic and Holland (yep….the Dutch play the great game) are taking part in the European Championship, with some more games this Sunday night.

We’ve got Big Boys scoring meat pies:

And even bigger guys with the ultimate power stance:

We’ve got ref blunders (this was called a try):

Or it could be total corruption with this one being called back for offside:

Actually I’m certain rules do not apply in this competition:

And I’m pretty sure this guy with the thumbs up is Jake Trbojevic’s long lost cousin:

And I don’t understand a word they are saying, but I love it all. Games kick off 9pm this Sunday.

Do yourself a favour. Grab some beers, relax and unwind, and enjoy some “Ragbi Lig”.

Link to watch:

Now a trigger warning for this. It’s quite graphic.

But this broken leg is one of the worst I’ve seen on a footy field.

– Uncle Roasty


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