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Wayne’s Gap Year

3 years, 2 Prelims, 1 Grand Final, and a plethora of memorable moments in the media, Wayne Bennett’s time as South Sydney Coach has come to an end.

Expected to take up a role with the new Brisbane franchise in 2023, Wayne has a full year up his sleeve so we thought we’d have a look at some of the jobs he could do in his ‘Gap Year’.

Rusty Crowe’s PR Rep/Bodyguard

Wayne could follow into the footsteps of former NRL player Mark ‘Spud’ Carroll by stepping in as Rusty’s Bodyguard/PR Rep for 2022.

Wayne is a master at deflecting media questions and scrutiny, but would just need to learn to dodge mobile phones and half-smoked Winnie Blues from Rusty himself.

This would be a breeze for him.

Chef at Grappa

Wayne’s favourite restaurant since he’s been at the Rabbitohs, especially during the COVID restricted era.

Who wouldn’t want to try the ‘Wayne Special’ – a fresh take on the classic Eggplant parmigiana.

Star in his own MenuLog ad

Did somebody say…Menulog???

Wayne needs to bite the bullet and do a full series of them.

He could join South Sydney’s finest like Adam Reynolds, Jai Arrow, and Snoop Dogg.

It would almost make them bearable…

What do you think Wayne will get up to in his ‘Gap Year’?

– Uncle Roasty



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