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ROASTAMETRICS: Points Scored 1st Half v and Half And How It Can Help


This one is for the stats nerds.

We’ve broken down how many points are scored by each team in each half.

Rounds 1 & 2 saw teams scoring more points in the first half compared to the second, while since round 3 it has completely flipped.

This may be standard info, teams tiring in the second half letting in more points.

But it’s important to know which teams do it more compared to others especially when it comes to the betting markets.

For example:

Panthers play the Raiders at home this weekend with the Panthers a 18.5 point favourite.

Raiders score on average 5.67 points in the second half (4th worse) while also allowing 12.66 points to be scored on them.

The Panthers score on average 16 points (2nd best) .

You can get the Panthers -9.5 in the second half for the same price as -18.5 for the game.

With the stats showing this game will likely see more a lot of points in the back end, feels like a better option.

Use it as you will but thought it was handy for all the line bettors that may be scared by the big margins.

Team Totals of points scored in each half



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