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Love It Or Hate It, It’s Great Entertainment

What a day of football yesterday was.

A lacklustre first half was easily forgotten about with a second half filled with some great tries, pieces of individual brilliance, and some heated entertainment that went into the 81st minute.

Frizell lassoes Lomax after a Dragons try (video via Fox League)

Lomax has been slammed in the media and online for jumping on the back of former teammate Tyson Frizell after a try in the Dragons win over the Knights yesterday.

We’ve seen it all the last few years with other teams, Panthers being the most prominent.

They were called arrogant, over-confident, need to win something significant before you do shit like that.

There are 2 ways to look at what Lomax did:

A) He needs to pull his head in. Your team had just 1 win since last July before yesterday. Get some wins on the board before you start skylarking like that, and maybe focus on your own game.

B) It’s just great entertainment.

I’m more a Option B type of guy.

It’s no different to some sledging, rub of the head, claps in the face we see all the time. And Frizell got him back pretty quick. Lassoing like Tallis on Hodgson. Sure they are mates and this was some fun, but The Friz was quick to show him he was ready to lay the smack down on his ass!

Both were all smiles afterwards and it builds a great narrative for their next match (which unfortunately isn’t again this year), which the Knights players will be circling when the draw is released.

One player who will be thinking about this game every day until then is one Mr David Klemmer.

Klem gives some advice to Lomax (video via Fox League)

He didn’t take too kindly to what happened and wanted to make sure Lomax knew about it after the game.

I saw a heap of comments saying he was a sook.

This was just an experienced veteran exchanging some pleasantries with a young player. Nothing more. A swift jab would be suffice, but in the new age this is what a leader should do.

– Uncle Roasty



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