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“I f***ing hated him as a player”

Justin Hodges is set to step in the ring again, and 3 former NRL players are at the top of the list to jump in.

Beau Scott, Darcy Lussick, and Kenny Edwards have all been linked to the fight pencilled in for November, Beau Scott being the first linked with a fight in December before having to pull out due to other commitments.

Kenny Edwards appears to be the front runner for the fight after an interview with Sporting News Brendan Bradford.

“The reason I want it so much is because I f***ing hated him as a player, I don’t know him as a bloke, but I hated him as a player and he probably says the same thing about me.” Edwards said

“Now they ring me this week asking if I want it with a month and a half until the fight and I’ve been on holiday for six weeks.

“I hit them up for a fight, but they didn’t get back to me all year. Now they give me a month.

“I still want it badly, but they’ve pissed me off waiting this long.”

Edwards has been on holiday for six months and says he was just told that he had the fight if he can get approval from new club Huddersfield.

Lussick was also reportedly offered the fight earlier this week with Lussick replying yesterday on Twitter.

Lussick’s sparring partner Nathan Peats couldn’t help himself in getting into his best mate.

It will be interesting to see who gets the fight, but the possibility of a Lussick v Edwards fight down the track is also appealing.



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