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Don’t Ban Asofa-Solomona

I’ll start by stating that if the story that Vunivalu was attacked inside the club, and Asofa-Solomona was simply retaliating in self-defence for himself and his teammate, that he should not face a ban or a fine, instead he should be commended.

If that was me in the club, I’d give my left nut to have someone like Asofa-Solomona looking out for me. I also hope I would have both my nuts to act like he did if I ever found myself in the same situation, as I’m about as useful in a fight as the Titans are winning games.

But unfortunately this is a no-win situation for all involved.

If the NRL were to take the side of the public and not fine or suspend Asofa-Solomona (Highly unlikely), then fans will called them bias, say that they are “favouring the Storm once again”.
The media will blast them. It will give them ammo for weeks to talk the game down for not taking action. Say it will cost them sponsorship dollars, which will tie into their campaign of trying to reduce the value of the next rights deal.

If they fine him, suspend him, or both (Highly possible) then this isn’t fair to Asofa-Solomona but similarly to Dylan Napa earlier this year, it will be the option they go for. The NRL again would be blasted by fans and media as they are taking action against someone who would do what most would in that situation.

So what happens going forward? No matter what we are still going to have cowards provoking players when they see them out. And no matter what the player does it won’t turn out good for them, or the game.

I just hope this begins a discussion with the right people on how we can work towards this never happening again, as I would hate to see an outcome where we are having a totally different discussion.



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  1. No need to band him he was sticking up for a mate. Everyone is just poofs and saying violence isn’t the answer, if this was anyone else nothing would happend

  2. The NRL cop shit for they’re referees fucking games up with their un educated and impulsive calls all the time, they can deal with the public’s opinions on the matter, they’d still be copping it for the 6 again call in the GF. I think that he should be fined, but not banned. He was defending a team mate and looked like they backed them into a corner to force his hand.

  3. If it was Tod Greenbergs brother, mother, sister or wife that was about to be glassed , would he just stand there and watch? I highly doubt it. He would do the same thing. EVERYONE needs to relive that there are wankers out there that will do this in future just to see a rugby league players banned and fined if that’s what he rules. What is more Disturbing is Greg Inglis was caught DD and he wrote him a letter, what more dangerous? Looking after a mate in a bad situation or letting someone drive under the Influence?

  4. Holy shit. Got to leave the story about Greg Inglis. What a prick. Why Gregs story. I do recall Johnsy getting caught with something in his pocket n becomes an immortal. Double standards. Piss off mate. Use the black fella story. Good one yah hero.

  5. Rugby League is based upon the premise of standing up for and with your mates. The NRL is more concerned about political correctness and what “ soccer mums” think of the game .They employ “marketing geniuses” who have never played the game and have no understanding of the bravery required by the men who have.Nelson has stood up and been a man and should get a medal not a suspension that will prevent him representing his country.

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