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5 things to get you excited for the NRL returning

With no NRL for the past 2 months, you probably don’t need much to get you hyped for the game returning this week, but here at the 5 things I’m looking forward to.

Game of the Week

Can’t go past the opening game.

I picked this as the game to be used as the restart a few weeks back for a few reasons. Both teams undefeated, both have huge supporter bases in the 2 big states, and both garner big audiences for TV.

Plus they have some of the most entertaining players right now. Haas, Staggs, Oates, Croft, Sivo, Gutherson, Brown, Mahoney just to name a few.

I’m not saying any game this week will be a contender for ‘Game of the Year’ after a 2 month layoff, but this will be the best of the week. What a cracker to kick us back off!

Latrell v The Roosters

Latrell was the biggest talking point of the pre-season.

Was he going to stay with the Roosters? Who was he going to sign with? What was he eating for breakfast?

Every day there seemed to be a story on Latrell.

And then he signed for arch rivals the Rabbitohs, and everyone was frothing for this match in Round 3.

Now after 2 months of waiting, we get what we’ve been waiting for. The Roosters and Rabbitohs on Friday night TV, and Latrell up against the club he won 2 premierships with, and in his new position of fullback. Bring it on!


If you’re not a fan of the Warriors for what they’ve done to keep the NRL going, then rugby league isn’t the game for you.

Sacrificing significant time away from your family, especially many with young children, is absolutely selfless and I praise them.

I think basing themselves here in Australia in a camp style situation like international tournaments, will suit the Warriors.

They will build a sort of ‘brotherhood’ between them, and we will see the best of the Warriors this season.

This spells trouble for the Dragons who haven’t showed much in the 2 games to start the season, and might be up against it on Saturday.

Warriors by a smidge…

Storm v Raiders

This is building into a modern day rivalry.

After losing their round 2 match at home in 2019, Canberra did the near impossible and beat the Storm twice in Melbourne later that year. And last year’s final was a pearler.

Losing their last round match in 2019 which would’ve seen them face eventual premiers the Roosters in Sydney in a Qualifying final, the Raiders instead faced the daunting task of heading to Victoria in the first round of the finals.

A try in the dying minutes of that game to John Bateman saw them earn a week off, and left the Storm reeling.

The Raiders will be without Bateman this time around, and the Storm will be out for revenge.

Curtis Scott comes up against his old club, which will also add some fireworks to this clash (someone just warn the Raiders though)

Sunday Footy

How good is Sunday going to be.

Cracking a beer, nestling into the lounge, and watching 2 games of footy on a Sunday arvo.

If I was on death row, I’d choose to skip the meal to just enjoy this one last time. It’s been too long without it.

Sunday gives us 2 crackers as well.

We’ll see young Tex Hoy make his debut for the Knights, with the kid from the bush Matty Burton fill in for Cleary for the Panthers. Some great young talent on display.

And later that arvo the old rivals Manly and the Dogs do battle.

I’m predicting Manly to be too strong here, but the Dogs are that type of team to come out and prove everyone wrong. Sit back and enjoy this with a nice evening roast dinner.

Lamb if it’s my choice.

Enjoy the weekend legends.




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