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What NRL Players could learn from Hoppa and Gal

Now i’m not saying we should be taking any moral or medical advice from either of these blokes, but maybe the way they are getting attention for their fight in a few weeks.

See both of them have utilised social media to take pot shots at each other over the last month to try and drum up interest in their boxing match, which quite frankly has about as much appeal as giving myself a “Prince Albert” using one of my mothers knitting needles.

You’ve got a 37 year old footballer, taking on a 43 year old who hasn’t had a fight in 9 years. It’s not a boxing match, it’s a joke that’s been taken too far and neither of them have thought to tell anyone.

But nonetheless, their “banter” has been pretty good, and sparked some interest with fans on social media.


And I thought to myself, why don’t Rugby League players invest more of their time in this sort of stuff when it comes to speaking about rivals before a game?

Fans go nuts on sledging pages taking the piss and ripping in, and players should do it as well.

Imagine Latrell Mitchell coming out before the GF rematch saying “I’m gonna put Chambers in the same position I left him in the Grand Final. Face down and crying. I’ll score 2 over him tonight”

Fans would go nuts. Sure they’d rip him if he didn’t do. Memes would be made, and plenty of jokes. Chambers might even comeback with a reply on Instagram with a funny vid or something. But that would only last a day or 2. No more than a week. And imagine the hype for the next time they played each other.

Basically what I’m saying if your interviews are boring. Press conferences are redundant. The same shit is said week in and week out.

Liven it up this year. Get cocky. Say some shit. My social media pages need it!!!



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  1. Will never happen 1. Because the clubs and the nrl won’t allow it eventually fines would be enforced.
    2. Would lead to a lot of dirty play
    3. Not a good precedent for kids and that’s who we want to encourage to play the game no kids no future

    Yeah this will sell good to us folk who love a biff and the rough and tumble but think how much how no one hung out with the guy who bagged everyone even though he had the skill

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