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Was the conference idea hatched over a few schooners?

Peter V’landys floating the idea of a 2 conference setup for the NRL sounds like it was hatched after about 8 schooners down at your local.

Because if you haven’t discussed how you could make the game better after a few bevvies with your mates, are you truly a ‘Rugba Leeg’ fan?

I honestly do like it. It’s different for league. Outside the box.

But do we really need it?

The new proposal was a way to “increase rivalries and interest in the sport”.

We already have rivalries of old or teams building them without it.

Maybe we just need to prioritise the draw better to increase interest in these rivalries.

Round 1 had the Dragons take on their biggest rival the Sharks on a Sunday night.

Opening round on a Sunday? C’mon.

And the Bulldogs and Eels take each other on at 5:30 this Saturday.

Both rivalry games in terrible spots.

Better promotion of these through the NRL and it’s broadcast partners would go a long way.

Hell there is independent content creators out there doing a better job at this already.

I don’t see how a change in format will bring interest to those outside the game either.

As exciting a change in the format would be in the short term and, I think it would die out pretty quick and lose it’s lustre.

And move even further away from the die hard fans.

What do you think?

– Uncle Roasty



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