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The Cheese on Footy Fight Night 2?

In a post match interview last night, Brandon “Cheese” Smith asked Paul Gallen for some boxing tips as he is looking to fight at the end of the year.

Now it may just be an off the cuff comment with The Cheese just trying to be funny.

But the promoters behind the Footy Fight Night in February which featured league players like Junior Paulo, Josh Papalii and a heap of ex-players, are set to go around again at the end of the season.

Former teammate Sandor Earl fought on the first card and would likely be on the second after a great showing against Justin Hodges.

However Nelson Asafa-Solomona was booked before being taken off without explanation.

It’s unsure whether this was the promoter, NAS, or the Storm club that stepped in to stop him from fighting.

If the latter, will they do the same for Smith? Let’s hope not.

Smith has form too. This yarn from when the Storm went to sign him and watched him KO the NZ amateur champion in a sparring session.

Who doesn’t want to see him in the ring, and furthermore…who would he fight?

(See The Cheese in action below as a teenager)



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