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One simple tweet last night sent social media into a spin with news that a club had announced they had secured Australian/NSW Representative Latrell Mitchell.
(See the pic below…)

Now eager fans were quick to share it around that Latrell’s contract “drama” had finally been settled. Even ESPN Australia quote tweeted it believing it to be legitimate.

But it wasn’t to be. Twitter prankster @Budulnya had hoodwinked us. Got us a good one. Changing his profile pic and name to the same as the Wests Tigers, he had fooled many into believing the rumour spread by the media that the club would be announcing the signing on Tuesday.

Good one @Budulnya. I’ll tip my hat to ya.

Now what followed has been wrongly attributed as an attack on Mitchell taking his time in his choice.
It’s not.
It’s a piss take on the constant rumours that the media spread, contradict, and then whinge about. The fact that one “reporter” posted that the Tigers would be announcing the signing, to change the story hours later. Another one wrote an article whinging that he was sick of the constant rumours, many of which his organisation started.

The fans got sick of it and via a clever way, poked fun at them.

I found them hilarious. We gathered the best here so you didn’t miss out

And we’re pretty sure Souths fans got a little bit scared at this one…..



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