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Sing the Anthem, or go back to your own Country

So there I was. Friday night settling in to watch the first game of Rugby League for the season. My pizza had just been delivered, I had my favourite wife beater on, and a cold can of VB ready to throw down my gullet.

Then I see it. Something horrid enough to make me yell at the TV screen with a mouthful of BBQ Meatlovers, and crush my now empty beer can in frustration.

Those Anthony Mundine wannabes not singing the Anthem.

I moved the pizza box off my lap and wiped the cheese grease from my fingers before reaching for my phone. Adjusting my left arse cheek which had now become numb after sitting for too long, and went to the best place to voice my anger. Social Media.

First the comments section on Facebook:

“What respect ??.. they have none..they don’t mind the opportunities or taking the cash what Australia offers to them.”

Now gotta post for the Grammers:

“If you can’t uphold the anthem how the fck are you going to play with a green n gold jersey on. Or does that change when the pay check clears??”

And lastly over to Twitter so my 12 followers know whats up:

“So not 1 of the #indigenous sings the national anthem. #nrl#badintegration#dumbas”

Yeah….that’ll show ’em.

I mean…a white boy has never not sung the Anthem

*For those who don’t get it straight away, this is a sarcastic article, although the quotes are from real people online.



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