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R.I.P Greg Alexander

Greg “Brandy” Alexander’s commentating career was murdered last night after he was left hanging for a handshake in the after match post show for the Charity Shield

The footage is below but we must warn you, what you’re about to see may be disturbing for some viewers

The culprit for the murder was newly appointed Rabbitohs captain Adam Reynolds.

After tapping Brandy on the back to give the intention of a handshake, Reynolds just simply turns and brazenly walks away without offering his hand, in one of the most disturbing brushes on broadcast TV in recent memory.

Reynolds whereabouts are currently unknown after he was swifty taken away on the team bus moments after this assassination

Our thoughts and prayers go out the Greg, and his Fox Footy colleagues during this tough period.



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  1. Whoever wrote this thought that they were so hilarious & can’t even operate a spellcheck.

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