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Paul Crawley wants everyone to know Paul Crawley is good

So look we’ve all been there.
Posted a stupid opinion on twitter that differs from the rest, and then no-one agrees with you making you look even sillier.
But the great thing about social media of today is the anonymity of it. You can just create a fake account and say whatever you like.
Or in the case of journalist Paul Crawley, better known as Steve’s brother, you could create a burner account under the clever handle of @FranEl09376185, leave your profile blank, and then only reply good things about Paul Crawley.

How will anyone possibly find out….

Uncovered by user The Cumberland Throw (@EelsTCT) on Twitter, was just that. A profile created just last month, and among the tweets were stacks of replies about how good a host Paul Crawley was, and that “Crawley is insightful and makes more sense than anyone”

Paul Crawley recently deleted his twitter account, right about the same time
@FranEl09376185 started praising Paul Crawley, and also taking the time out to say how good a job Lisa Wilkinson was doing, and dislaying their love of the TV Show “Lego Masters”

Upon the revelation that @FranEl09376185 might actually be Paul Crawley himself, the user has now been deleted, which was a shame as I was hoping for a recap of the weekends Back to the Future themed Lego Masters.

Can anyone tell me who won?



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