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Jump on board. Let’s fight!

Loyalty ain’t dead Broncos fans.

I don’t hate the Broncos, but as a New South Welshman it’s hard to like them. With a guy like Riki on their books it’s making it easier to (did I really just say that???)

Listening to Jordan Riki speak, it’s easy to forget this kid is 21 years old with just over a handful of NRL games on his resume.

Riki signed on for the next 3 years with the Broncos, and spoke about loyalty and wanting to be the guy that puts his hand forward and says to others “right boys, jump on board. Let’s fight!”.

I was saying the same things as a 21 year old, but it was 3am on a Sunday morning at my local.

Easy to see why this kid is something special, and may be one of the bricks that helps rebuild the Broncos foundation.

Jordan Riki via Brisbane Broncos

– Uncle Roasty



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