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Josh Jackson Sits In On Press Conference With Half His Brains Dripping Out

Pretty sure we all know by now that Josh Jack is one tough son of a bitch. The country boy from Gulgong currently in his 11th year in the NRL with the Bulldogs. Rarely a game goes by that he isn’t taped up or blood flowing from a cut some where on his face.

Yesterday was no different. After an accidental head clash with teammate Chris Patolo (which sent Patolo to the bench and not to return), Jackson was once again left bloodied and battered with claret flowing from his noggin.

Jackson was patched up with some tape and headgear, and went on his merry way like nothing heavier than a fly had bumped him on the head.

But if you really want to see how tough he is, and how a headbutt that would send mere mortals to the hospital before fulltime is nothing for JJ, then you just have to watch the press conference.

He could’ve sent someone else in there. But instead he heads in there after a punishing loss with the coach, half his brains dripping out, and takes questions like any other normal Friday arvo.

People can bag him all they want.

But he is simply tougher than 10 normal men combined.

– Uncle Roasty



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