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Joey Johns Resists Urge To Punch A “F**king Derek” In The Face

Hot tip for anyone wanting to get a photo of an immortal. Ask nicely for the photo, then get the photo. Especially if race 5 at Wyong is about to jump.

If you’re going to act like an internet prankster with the old “call him by a clear wrong name”, then expect to get the same sort of treatment the 8th used to dish out on the regular during his playing days.

A good old fashioned mouthful.

At least he restrained himself and didn’t do what 99.9% of others would do and land a right jab to the jaw.


“don’t be a f**kwit” classic Anthony minichiello

♬ original sound – Brendon Rawlings

So really a lesson for everyone. If you act like a “Fucking Derek”…you’re a fucking Derek.

– Uncle Roasty



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