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It’s Not Easy…Being Cheesey

Yesterday Brandon Smith spoke on ‘The Ice Project’, a podcast by Isaac John of YKTR Sports, and went in depth about his contract negotiations with several clubs.

It was an honest and raw discussion, one of which I don’t think we have ever seen while a player is still yet to make a decision on their future.

But it was one comment that has Storm fans fuming and rightfully so.

“I want to win a premiership in that jersey” Smith said when discussing his conversation with Mitchell Aubusson of the Roosters.

Not the words you want to hear as a Storm fan as he is contracted to their club for the 2022 season.

But if you listen to the full clip in context, he’s talking about the presentation and how it made him feel.

The club has a proud history and people presenting it to him are passionate about the club to the point they make them want to sign then and there.

If Cheese was on my team and I heard it, I too would be livid so I understand the Storm fans right now.

But also I’m fucking impressed by the way Roosters go about their business, and not going to condemn Smith for saying what he felt right in the moment.

– Uncle Roasty



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