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Guy Who Disrespected The ANZACS Gets About The Right Treatment

I’m not condoning violence.

But if you can’t keep your mouth shut for a minute when it comes to respecting our ANZAC’s, then quite frankly you deserve what you get.

Maybe this guy (who allegedly was yelling throughout the minute silence) will think twice next time, if he’s allowed back in.



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      • You are an ignorant fool. The indigenous race originally came from Asia. My heritage is German, our family arrived here in 1836. My Grandparents fought against the German atrocities alongside aboriginal people to protect this great country. I was born here and served this country for 20 years in the services, again alongside indigenous people. We all believed in the defence of the freedom and democracy that you are allowed to enjoy. Don’t ever tell me I am not Australian !!!

      • Do you know what the name aboriginal means ? It means not-original..a name the government gave them. Tare indigenous. Australia is the name of a corporation not the name of their country

        You are literally dumb as fuck.

      • You say the only real Australians are Aboriginal? You dumb fuk. Australia would be part of the ‘Empire Of Japan’ by now, or China, The Dutch or French …..had it not been settled.
        You think a whole continent full of resources was just gonna be left alone? And protected with no military? It’s such a dumb fuk uneducated thing to say. So many aboriginal and non aboriginal soldiers gave their lives to protect the free world from Nazis. FFS Japan still tried to invade Australia even with the white man here.
        Many different soldiers gave their lives to defend this great country. Stop the divide with race baiting. paying ANZAC respects is about respecting kiwi soldiers that paid the ultimate sacrifice as well.

      • And then there was the race of people that preceeded the current Aboriginals, they came down through Papua New Guinea and were driven over the land bridge into Tasmania…..but we don’t discuss them because they don’t fit your agenda.

      • You are what is wrong with this country, always trying to divide black and white.

  1. He wood not put shit on a asanzac 70 year ago l was so excited to see them young boys punch the low dog

  2. “Though one may conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, yet he indeed is the noblest victor who conquers himself.”

  3. I bet your some douche bag that isn’t from about you take your disrespectful comment and shove it up your ass and your mothers

      • They died for a lying conceitful government and have no idea at all why they went over there or what they were truly fighting for. Brave yes should they be honoured, not in my opinion if we honour their cause we agree that the government are correct in their leadership which is clearly not the case. They are thoughtless pawns sacrified for a lie. The whole concept is fucking backwards. “Freedom” bullshit is wearing thin. No one has ever invaded this country in modern war, the fable that China and Russia want the globe is just certainly untrue. The western world are the only ones going into other countries and destroying them for this so called freedom everyone spews, we were just sily enough to buy into the bullshit.

  4. As an ex serviceman this is saddening for a number of reasons.

    Vets fought and / or died for this guys freedom of speech.
    This deepest insult ended with violence and the crowd (which were defending what is right) treating the guy with contempt.

    While he has the right to say whatvhe wants to because of the sacrifices of others, he did disrespect the honour of the fallen.

    What is worse is the attitude of some posters here that openly disrespect all who have served this country and remain anonymous. I feel so sorry for you never knowing how lucky you are to have freedom.

    • I agree as I myself was in the army service now medically discharged now for 6years I got injured in Afghan on the front line he has disrespected me and my brothers and sisters that still serves today he deserves more then a beating as for the dip shits comment show some respect for this country and the services that protect us or get on a plane or boat and fuck off out of Australia and don’t comeback.
      I still feel that I have let my fellow servicemen and women down as I’m not with my squad and wish I still was serving beside them but after being injured and I ended up having a stroke and let me permanently weak on my left side.

      • Killing other humans because the government pointed a finger? “They’re gonna take our freedoms they is”. You’re old enough to remember the army propaganda during advertisements at the time but what have these “enemies” actually done. Declined to put their world banking systems into their countries to monopolise the financial control or went against the western indoctrination of medicine by still using natural healing therapies. The reality is you are slowly being killed every moment you turn whether its soft drink, junk food, chemical soaps and creams that you rub into your body..and you think they are fighting for you anf giving you needles to increase your life span. 1 in 4 people are getting cancer presently, “must be China and Russia doing it. Lets bomb them fuck all those women and children, lets bomb them and we will call them heroes when they get back”. Please.

  5. I love how the “woke” media pick and choose when they can condone this kind of violence.
    First line “now I’m not condoning violence”. Second line “but I am here”.

    This man needs educating. Not fists to the head. Maybe we should use the same teachers that teach 10 year old children in schools about their fathers erections and ejaculations to teach this old bloke some Manners ? Just a thought.

  6. You should be ashamed to even write a comment like that. The world has suffered due to wars and with men, woman all serving themselves, their families and protecting this country. Show some maturity and respect for those that suffered so you have a country like ours. If you don’t like start swimming and don’t come back. Lest we forget!

  7. Don’t know how people can say “ANZACs died for your freedom” can also think it’s okay to punch someone in the head if they say/do something they don’t like

    • You can have your say, but you do not when out of all the time in the world to choose from, have your say during the minute of silence. People choose this time as this now forces people to listen to them as others are trying to be respectful and silent to the brothers that died for our freedom.
      This disgusting act got rewarded with a good wake up call.

      The point here is you can have a say, but there is a time and a place.

    • one minute of your idiotic life to recognise the sacrifices of others is too much for you??? then FUCK YOU>>>>

  8. My great grandfather died in the Battle of Ligma this is Not On. Coward scumbag cant shout like that no way. Should have been ajected from stadum.

    Ligma balls.

  9. I see u lacked the courage to post even a first name. You, old mate, are the fucking scum bag

  10. War is truly the most terrible thing all those people who layed done their lives for us, the sacrifice their families paid when a son, husband or dad that didnt come home, the least we can do is a minute of silence . Its called respect to live in this great country …

  11. This bag of shit didn’t have the decency to stand silent for one minute during the most solemn moment of our wonderful nation. He got off lightly compared to what our ANZACs endured. My grandfather left his small town of Esk in 1915 to dodge bullets and bombs in France fighting the Germans for 2 years so that I can say what I like when I like, as long as it’s not offensive.
    I’m now exercising that right. Thankyou private Martin Daly for your courage 107 years ago now.❤️

  12. ANZACs served all over the world in the First and Second World Wars and still serve together all over the world. I served in Cambodia as part of an ANZAC contingent. To the Numpty who said we served in Israel, the ANZACs who served there were part of a British contingent and it was not called Israel then it was called Palestine. Now ANZACs serve there as part of a UN peacekeeping contingent, not to protect Israel but to stop them from wiping the Palestinians out when one of the dumb bastard organizations choose to poke the Israelis and hide behind the Palestinian people.
    I am proud to be an ANZAC my Father and Grand Father were ANZACs, you disrespect me who cares, you disrespect my family or my mates, look out.

  13. How ever you feel you can’t assault somebody! What if the guy had a brain condition unknown to the assailants? He could have had a seizure! Hope they find the guy and charge him appropriately! Respect to our anzacs

    • If what you say is true, then don’t you think that the people he was with have a responsibility to control there friend. For along time my friends and I have agreed that when we go out, that we would look out for each other. But if you get drunk and start acting up, we will tell you to check yourself or we as your friends will check you. That is in my view.

  14. Your a complete dick with out anzacs no freedom and way of life now.. Take another hit on your glass pipe you crackhead

  15. Lets face it, ppl just want thier 3 seconds of fame. Ppl these days have no respect and once grog gets invoved their courage goes up and out comes stupidity. As a return vet it saddens me to see this behaviour no need for it. No one asks to go to war, no one asks to die but it happens all over the world…show respect by being quiet when asked because it effects everyone. Act your age and care about other ppl feelings

  16. assault is assault…the beauty about our country is that you can say what you want, even against the ANZACS….doesn’t deserve to have violence perpetrated on him!! I hope a lawsuit is at hand and the bloke who assaulted old mate was caught on camera doing it, rather silly don’t you think?!

  17. If you want to run your mouth of during an Anzac Ceremony, drunk or not the keg on legs copped his right whack. Show a bit of Respect you Gronk

  18. Come say it to my face you piece of rhinno pizzle. I will even give you may address if you think you are man or woman enough.

  19. Gutless turd not even hero enough to put his name. Shit I will give you my address you cum cloth reject. See if you are man or woman enough to come say it to my face. You wouldn’t even get the second word out before I bitch slap you like the little bitch you are.

  20. If you are from my generation you were taught to respect veterans and they deserve that this slob deserves worse than what he got

  21. Pretty dumb to punch someone. Regardless of the dumb shit they do. Dude could just charge the bloke with assault. Then he has a record. Not worth it for a grub like that.

  22. The comment about convicts is a racist one! The English fought with us & newzealand & the coment saying aboriginals are the only real Australians is racist aswell!!! Wake the F up we all live together we are one united Australia !!! The guy who disrespected our anzacs should be banned for life from all sporting events!!!!

  23. It’s a joke when people say they fought for our freedom. Yes they were brave n thought they were fighting for our freedom but no we are not free! COVID PROVED ALL OF THAT! We are all puppets on a string, WE ARE NOT ONE! COVID PROVED ALL OF THAT TOO!

  24. would have done the same thing and lifted the gronk show some respect….. something ppl are forgetting these days is RESPECT…one minute of silence to remember the fallen and the sacrifices they made.. what a putrid dog

  25. This situation doesn’t help anyone. When this foolish man made his comments and or noises during the minute silence he was after a reaction. He certainly got that. I’m sure the bloke who gave him the touch up did not go to the football to have to fight someone over a respect issue. As Veterans we would just rather the blokes enjoy the footy and not give the press something to sensationalise. What this does show though is that our past and fallen diggers gave these blokes the opportunity to do what they did and that is to go to a footy match and feel safe. Our fallen diggers have constantly showed it is they who have given the ultimate respect to their people and nation. One minute silence is not much to ask. It is hoped that these blokes could shake hands and move on and be the best they can be. They have that opportunity and it doesn’t take a genius to tell them who gave them in the first place

  26. This is all about disrespect for the fallen soldiers who did the bidding of their government. Nothing to do with why just the fact that they did selflessly. Any other comment is just rubbish. remember those who gave their lives . Full stop.

  27. A punch would have proved a point .. I’m pretty sure that ended up with knees into old mouth fatty .could’ve killed him ,,, nope – no time for killing

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