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Gus In Some Good Early Season Form

You know Rugba Leeg is back when you have the old heads of the game going toe-to-toe before a ball is even kicked.

NRL360 kicked off last night with old red cheeks Buzz Rothfield claiming that some new players are unimpressed with how they are preparing for the season (below video via Fox League for context)

Well…Gussy has taking it quite personally.

Anyone who follows Gus on twitter knows he loves it. Loves interacting with fans, sharing his love for horse racing and Seinfeld quotes.

But who knew he was a trolling savage!!!

In a clear response to Buzz, he posted a series a tweets highlighting the Bulldogs use of drones.

But the icing on the cake?

The real cherry on this Rugba Leeg sundae?

Gus changing his DP to a drone.

2 sleeps people…2 sleeps.

– Uncle Roasty



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