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Top 8 Scenarios

Trying to work out what can happen with the Top 8?

We’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with what is already set.

Knights in 7th spot

Just don’t turn up on Saturday arvo. Go watch the races instead. They are the only team in the Top 8 that can’t move and will face 6th spot in week 1.

Top 2

Storm win, they get top spot. Easy as that.

They lose and Panthers win, Panthers get back to back minor Premierships.

Souths are in a funny spot. They can move up to 2nd spot with a ‘Storm win-Panthers lose’ scenario but what is the point? They’ll still face the Panthers in a 2nd v 3rd game but this year there is no home ground advantage.

In a ‘Storm lose-Panthers win’ scenario, Souths will have to face off against the Storm but that will be out of their control.

Best to just rest up your players Wayneo.

Top 4

Manly/Eels/Roosters all on 32 points with Manly having a +81 better points differential than the Eels, Eels with+26 over the Roosters.

Manly win, they get 4th. They lose and can drop down to 5th with ‘Eels win-Roosters loss’ and 6th with ‘Eels win-Roosters win’.

Eels win and Manly lose, Eels get 4th. Will stay in 5th with a ‘Eels/Manly win’. Eels can also drop to 6th with a ‘Manly/Roosters win’.

Manly/Eels lose and Roosters win, Chooks get 4th.

Roosters could jump the Eels if they both win and their margin of victory is 26 points more than the Eels.

If they all lose they stay the same, and bust everyone’s multi for that week.

8th Spot

Sharks win they lock it up. Lose and they need to hope for both Raiders-Titans losses to hold it.

Raiders take it with a win and a Sharks loss, while the Titans need a ‘Sharks-Raiders loss’ and a win making the 23 points differential they are currently behind the Sharks.

Great to see there can still be some movement in the top 8 in the final round. Here’s cheers to an exciting finals series.

– Uncle Roasty



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