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The Munstache Theory

Buckle up and lets go for ride on a wild theory on why Cameron Munster’s moustache will be the deciding factor on his and the Storm’s success in 2022.

The Theory

The theory is simple.

In big club games, Cameron Munster and the Storm perform better when he has a big piece of thick upper ‘Lipholstery’ at it’s bushiest best.


Lets have a look back at the biggest games of Munster’s career, year by year.

Munster is 2-0 in Grand Finals when sporting a snot mop, while he is 0-5 in big games (Grand Finals/Elimination Finals) when either clean shaven or sporting his ginger face mane.

It’s clear if he sported a clear moustache in every big game for his club, he could be looking at 7 straight premierships at just 27 years of age.

GOAT levels.

Origin Reversal Theory

No here’s where it gets interesting.

Origin it is the exact opposite.

When he sports the stache he loses, and when he goes in either clean shaven or stubble/beard he normally finds success in the big ones.

Origin Evidence


Origin debut. Series on the line 1-1. Game in Sydney too which is always tough to win. No Moustache = Win


Down 1-0 heading into game 2. Must win game. After rocking early beard growth in Game 1, he turns up with a clear stache. 18-14 loss. Series over.


Now. 75% of the time the team that wins game 1 goes on to win the series. Origin 2019 – No Stache in game 1 = Win

From winning game 1, Munster grows a stache, loses the decider. Game 3 with a stache was a loss.


Rocks up with no Moustache for the whole series – Wally Lewis Medalist and a series win with some critics saying “the worst QLD team ever”


Plays games 1 and 2 with stache – Both losses

Plays game 3 with no moustache – Wins the game

My theory on why it’s reversed for Origin is that when a player pulls on that Maroon jersey, they grow an extra head inch. Having the jersey and the stache is 2 energies butting heads. Effectively eliminating each other.

What this means?

The way to another Storm premiership, QLD Origin series victory, and a Munster Dally M is simple.

Munster keeps the Stache until going into Origin camp. Shaves it for the series.

Storm are that good they can handle the games where he doesn’t have a Stache for them.

Once Origin is over, he starts the regrowth of it making sure it’s at its bushiest best for Finals.

Premiership and Dally M is a Done deal.

Or it’s all just bullshit and I’ve spent way too much time on this deep dive.

Time will tell.

– Uncle Roasty

Had a great chat with the NRL Don on my 3 big takes for the 2022 season, with Munster winning the Dally M as my #2. You can hear the full “Munstache Theory” below.



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