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The Derby Dilemma

 Something fishy is going on with The XXXX Derby.

What is the XXXX Derby? You would be forgiven for thinking it is XXXX jumping on an advertising opportunity for when the Broncos play the Cowboys, but I am afraid that would be a bit too simple. FAR too simple. Because this is of course a three-way affair including the Gold Coast Titans because – that is how derbies work…right?

The Broncos posted this photo on Friday night alerting us to the news, that they had in fact WON the XXXX Derby over the Gold coast Titans as a result of their incredible comeback. With the caption “Another QLD derby W, another XXXX trophy 🏆”

But how could this be? How could this Trophy be up for grabs? The last time two of the three eligible teams played each other was back in round 7 when the Cowboys Defeated the Titans.

Which in theory should make them the ones in possession of the wooden, portable advertisement Trophy. Right? But then you read further into it as they have said “ANOTHER XXXX Derby Trophy” How many Trophies are there? What the hell is going here.

And what makes it even more interesting is that the Titans take on the Cowboys again this week, in what I assume will be…for the XXXX Derby trophy…. That the Broncos just “won”.

What classifies a game as a XXXX Derby? Even more to the point, how is it decided that “The” (and I use that word loosely) Trophy is up for grabs? When the Dolphins arrive next year will they be included is this club? How on earth can we springboard this into kicking souths out of the comp?

I really don’t have the answer for you, it could be EASILY argued, that when two teams from Queensland play each other, they have all agreed to give XXXX a photo opp. But that isn’t very fun now is it.





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  1. It’s pretty simple actually, there is no offical trophy it’s just a photo op and it’s when there is a derby game at Suncorp only due to XXXX being on Milton street right next door 👍

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