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Robinson fine is some bullsh*t

Trent Robinson has been fined $10k for comments in his presser from the weekend, while Stuart was given an official warning.

Robinson for labelling the officials “incompetent” for their handling of Dylan Brown knees into the back of Drew Hutchinson and failing to put it on report at the time, and Stuart for saying “fuck”.

So the NRL thought that the officials were so bad on the night, and made so many mistakes that they deserved to be dropped from further games, but a coach basically saying the same thing is fined for it?

Suspended fine or not it’s the principle.

The NRL agree, the fans agree, and Robinson agree that they were incompetent in their handling of the incident, so why fine him for stating the obvious?

Why not dress them up in some leather chaps, gimp mask, collar and chain and lead them out to say only what you want.

Save us all the time hey.



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  1. Deserved the fine. Every other coach gets fined for saying anything about the refs. Why because it’s the roosters it’s ok. Seriously

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