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“How good are the new rules?”

We said yesterday morning when the new rule enforcements were announced, we knew what the biggest talking point from the weekend would be.

And after 2 games of footy last, it is exactly that.

Here’s a quick recap if you missed it:

Eight sin bins in 2 games!

What’s the over/under for the weekend, because I want to dump a shitload on the overs.

Seems like the players themselves weren’t overly happy with them either.

Harry Grant posted a screen shot of the Tyson Gamble shot on Instagram with:
“The NRL are kidding with this rule change. It’s a contact sport, and majority of contact like [Gamble shot] is accidental”

The “Cheese” Brandon Smith putting a poll on his Instagram with “How good are the new rules?” after last nights game.

(Terrible got 89% while good got 11% so the fans obviously agree)

Tino Fa’assuamaleaui chimed in with “Honestly, may as well put NFL gear on”.

Probably the best came from Billy Walters though.

“Get the oz tag bibs out @patrick_kaufusi”.

Have to laugh but at the same time, cry a little at what’s happening to the game.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts?

– Uncle Roasty



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