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Gal responds to Whittaker rumours

With the G-Train calling out Bobby Knuckles after his win over Mark Hunt in December, Australian fight fans have been wondering if it would ever eventuate.

With Whittaker now waiting until October to fight the winner of Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori, he has told Fox Sports “I’ve got time”

“I’ve certainly got the time if Gal wants to set that up”

“We can work something out, for sure. I’ve got the time now, could be a bit of fun.”

Gal is skeptical though.

Posting his response today on Instagram, the undefeated boxer questioned whether the UFC would allow him to fight saying he knows he wont be doing anything for the next 5-6 weeks, and that the UFC wouldn’t want the fight to go ahead.

“Imagine if I beat Rob Whittaker before he fought for the UFC title? It would be an embarrassment”.

Gallen went on to tell promoter Dean Lonergan to “sharpen his pencil” if he wants him in the ring against Justis Huni before the Olympics, stating the offer he has made was not where it needs to be.

Interesting to see what Gal’s next fight will be, but it is heating up.

– Uncle Roasty



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