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Fans go wild for ‘Vintage Benji’

Anybody else feel like it was 2005 last night?

Benji pulling out a performance for the ages.

Warren Smith might be exaggerating but the sentiment is there.

After the Titans dominated the first half leading 24-10 at HT, Benji was influential in the Rabbitohs comeback of the second half which saw them score 30 points to 6.

Benji scoring 2 tries himself and assisting in 3 Linebreaks.

But it was his flick pass to Alex Johnston which really set the world alight.

‘Vintage 2005 Benji’. It don’t get much better…

Now remember this guy is 36 years old. 36 YEARS OLD!!!

Someone sign him to a 10 year deal stat!

And no Jack. I am making no effort to change your mind. I 100% agree…



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