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Dragons Hit With Trio Of Injuries

Paul McGregor’s job just got a little harder with the possibility he will be without Korbin Sims, Matt Dufty, and Cameron McInnes for the start of the season.

Korbin Sims is definitely ruled out after suffering a re-fracture of his arm that he broke in 2019.

Terrible news for Korbin who was seen to be clearly frustrated after the incident, and broke down not long after.

Earlier in the day, livewire back Matt Dufty was taken to the Perth hospital with a suspected fractured cheekbone. He will have to wait for scans to confirm.
He also faces a long trip home as he will have to take the train if the damage is that bad.

The biggest loss will be Dragons Captain Cam McInnes who was suspected of an MCL sprain, unknown how bad as yet.

Thoughts up for the trio, and we hope the injuries are not as bad as first reported.



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