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Change the damn rule!!!

Ok which player below is NOT attempting a dropkick?

Take your time…because the NRL sure have.

Now I’ll make it clear that the Bunker got this call correct.

Gutherson made an intentional motion to kick the ball, and struck the ball immediately after it rebounds from the ground (aka he dropkicks it)

But what type of player chooses a dropkick as their choice of kick in that situation?

Forwards who think they are halfbacks in props bodies playing reserve grade local footy that’s who. Not anyone in the NRL.

The defence putting pressure on Gutherson forces the ball to hit the ground first which should be classed as a knock-on, not adjusted to suit an interpretation of a kick that it just isn’t.

If it’s simultaneous, play on. If it hits the ground before the foot, call it a knock-on. It’s not hard.

The NRL had the chance to adjust this rule when there was outcry in an early round game in 2018 over a try to Billy Slater.

And now it has just pissed off the majority of the NRL in an Elimination Semi-Final.

– Uncle Roasty



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    • Hi Mr Tough Guy (hiding behind an anonymous comment). I have no dog in this fight. I don’t support either team. But when majority of fans agree this should be classed as a knock on, then maybe the NRL should have a look at adjusting it. That’s all I’m saying (along with agreeing that they got the call right and not being sook).

  1. I feel like we have too many rules in the NRL that are there because referees are way too inconsistent when making judgement rulings. For example, The inside shoulder deal when looking at obstruction. There are clear times when they haven’t impacted play but because there are inconsistencies with different referee’s rulings, we had to adjust the rule in an attempt to make it black & white. Common sense should come into play when it happens but it can’t because there are to many blunders.

    No one is drop kicking a ball in play unless they are attempting a field goal. But for some reason it’s in there as a technicality? So random.

    100% agree, they need to change the ruling, along with a shitload of others!

  2. I’d have to say I don’t agree. I think halves use them tactically as the bounce of the ball helps get spin on the ball. I’d love to hear Joey John’s opinion on and other legends with a short kicking game….it will be another think for the bunker to check EVERY kick also. Drama made by the media in my opinion, let’s not get hung up on something so small in the game

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