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3-2-1 Report – Round 8

Another massive weekend of NRL action. Lets have a look at the best bits.

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1 Point

Any player who gives away their gear after a game.

I know it’s only a small thing and plenty of players do it these days, but I still love seeing it.

Xavier Coates giving his boots away on Friday night, and the Panthers on Saturday. You just know these kids will absolutely cherish that momentand possibly make them fans of the game for life.

2 Points

Tyson Gamble

I loved his attitude and intensity on Friday.

Plenty of “grub” calls in the comments section couldn’t be further from it in my opinion.

Just a passionate footy player who helped inspire his team to a win.

Great to see.

3 Points

The Zac Cini fan club.

As a Dragons fan yesterdays game was hard to watch.

But seeing those fans cheer on their mate, being louder than the Dragons faithful, was a great sight to see.

Best Wishes to BMoz

No jokes here.

I sincerely hope we haven’t seen the last of Brett Morris after he suffered an ACL injury on the weekend.

One of my favourite players of all time, an absolute fan favourite of everyone, it would be heartbreaking if we don’t get to see him on the footy field ever again.

Footy things you love to see

Fan sprays.

When it’s all in good nature it’s a great thing to see.

This Dragons fan going hell for leather.

He won that battle, but Doueihi and the Tigers won the war.

Thoughts and Prayers

Best wishes to Cameron Munster’s goal kicking career that died on the weekend.

While 5 from 8 isn’t that bad, missing some absolute sitters should see him drop down the goal kicking ranks.

Christian Welch said it best.

β€œHopefully he’s sacked, I don’t think he can come back from there. Hopefully Papenhuyzen is back next week and we can forget about Munster goalkicking.”


Great to see the big fella back doing what he does best. Scoring meaties.

He claimed his first in the Super League, and 200th career try in his first start for the Warrington Wolves on the weekend.

Moustache of the week

Love or hate it?

It’s a dirty mo, especially mixed with that greasy hair look, but we love it.

Big Boy Hall of Fame Inductee

Congrats to HΜΆaΜΆlΜΆfΜΆbΜΆaΜΆcΜΆkΜΆ Prop Jared Waerea-Hargreaves on his induction this week for his dummy and flick pass that led to a magnificent try for the Roosters on Saturday night.


Shithousery Award of the week

Pure shithousery this week from Toafofoa Sipley.

Him and Api are mates so this was all in jest, but just great fun to see.



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