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3-2-1 Report – Round 6

Dropping my thoughts on the round. Let me know what got you up and about in the comments.

1 Point

Tommy Terrific.

Man it was good to see this fella back.

After all the shit he’s been through you would think he would be a bit hesitant in his first game back for 2021.

But he came out of the blocks on fire with a massive first half, and helping his team dominate and shutout one of the hot teams to start the year.

It felt like he never missed a game.

2 Points

Ricky Stuart.

Credit to him for his brutal honesty in the presser on Saturday night, holding his players accountable.

Be interesting to see what he does in team selections tomorrow.

3 Points

That Rabbitohs v Tigers clash.


Not only do we get a 2 point field goal in the dying minutes to tie it up, but a finish to a great match you couldn’t even script.

If you missed it, take the time to go watch again.

It was great drama.

Special Mention

Brodie Jones πŸ‘€

Mr everywhere-man.

he is my type of footy player. Tough and no-nonsense look about him.

His bio on confirms it.

The last book I read was… I don’t read haha


The Warriors nearly did what possibly no team has ever done before.

Complete a full match at 100%.

At the end of the game they were 40/40 in their sets, but a recalculation after had them 40/41.

Thanks to @mitchd_90 from the Boom Rookies podcast for the explanation.

Stocks I’m buying

Missed the boat on Doge coin, but I’ll take some Eel coin if I can.

Mitch Moses is playing some outstanding footy with a Man of the Match performance on Saturday night, and Isaiah Papali’i is becoming one of my favourite players to watch.

Hurts to say but he was the real Big Papa on Saturday night.

Stocks I’m also buying


While the big talking point was Teddy v Papi on Friday night, some massive performances by some of the other custodians.

We are in a golden era of Fullbacks right now, enjoy it while we can.

Footy things you love to see

The Brailey brothers giving it too each other pre game.

In their first ever match against each other, it was great to see some banter between the 2 caught on camera just before kickoff.

Goose of the week

Happy birthday to Big Willie for Saturday, but how much did you drink?

Thinking big JT was running around for the Cowboys even after the first half had ended was an all time stuff up.

Mason took it in his stride and had some fun with his mistake though.

Thoughts and Prayers

Best wishes to Justin Holbrook.

Not sure but this mother was probably helping him out by obscuring his view while his team went down 36-0.

Try Celebrations Are BACK!!!

Panthers with the arrogant handshakes on Thursday night, followed by the ultra rare Storm celebration with Jahrome Hughes bringing out the golf swing on Friday night.

Great to see something than the generic kick the ball into the crowd schtick.

– Uncle Roasty



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  1. Hard to remember an era of fullbacks like this. I suspect it’s from the extra playmaker role the position now plays. However, they all have different qualities so that’s probably what makes it so entertaining to watch them.

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