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3-2-1 Report – Round 5

Dropping my thoughts on the round. Let me know what got you up and about in the comments.

1 Point

Sammy Walker take a bow. Rough first half, but stood up when it mattered. Well done kid.

2 Points

Ponga and Brimson doing battle. Sure Brimson got the chocolates, but Ponga held his own. How good is this going to be for the next 10 years. Great for QLD/Australia. Shit for NSW fans.

3 Points

Panthers attitude…šŸ‘€

Unpopular opinion but I like it. It’s refreshing to see a team not really give a fuck.

Sure some of the niggle shit can rub people the wrong way, but the majority would have a different opinion if it was your team doing it.

They just have to keep it up and try and do what they couldn’t last year. Otherwise there will plenty of fans ready for them if they fail.

Stocks I’m buying

Dragons I apologise. I wrote them off before the season had started, but the win over the Eels at Bankwest was something else.

I still wasn’t confident when they went in 18-0 at halftime (just look at history), but to only allow 12 points in the second half even when they went a man down for 10 minutes shows they may test some teams.

I’m buying some Dragons stock.

Stocks I’m selling

Sell Sell Sell the Tigers.

Sunday. At Leichhardt. Favourites against a team that was 0-4.

Footy things you love to see

Young Rabbit Dean Hawkins making his debut on the weekend in front a horde of family and friends, only to suffer an injury by *checks notes* jumping the fence at the end of the game.

Classic Rugba Leeg…

Goose of the week

Sharks board what is doing?

If they have gone out and hired Craig Fitzgibbon as head coach for 2022 without giving John Morris a decent chance, it’s just absolute disrespectful. The guy has had to deal with salary cap issues, injuries to an inherited aging roster, yet has made back to back finals and close to a 50% win rate the past 2 years.

That’s footy I guess.

Thoughts and Prayers

Sending our thoughts to Tom Opacic’s ribs, taken by force not once…but twice by Mikaele Ravalawa last night.

Ponga’s Tattoos

Ponga loves a random tattoo. From his slogan “Keep it cool” to the famous Nike logo.

But it’s his “cheeky” tattoos which have the punters pondering.

(Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Two love hearts and a name perhaps?

So many questions to be answered but we will leave the mystery here. Have a feeling there is a funny story “behind” it.


Would appreciate your thoughts in the comments. If you have taken the time to read this far I really do appreciate it. Your feedback helps us get better and continue trying to bring content to you each week that you want to see.
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– Uncle Roasty



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  1. I love this so much!! Definitely the best rugby league report out there āœ…āœ…āœ…

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